Maria Paula keep up the good work, do not forget to continue uploading any useful information about the e-portfolios or any topic we cover in PSHE.

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Today I saw a portfolio Im learning how to do a portfolio in this year I learn very much things in consentidos and now I learn very much things and now I am writing like a crazy. I get a good portfolio of someone called Helen barlet I already pasted the link. I like to write in the journal maybe because is like a diary or something like that. I am in IT in this moment I had to admitted I am not good controlling the computers.Helen Barret have a very interesting portfolio. Helen Barret investigate the cababilities of using this system I like very much her photo. Today I dont know what else to write I can't evite write that lot.

We do an experiment with salty water and we experiment what pressures we get or

Hello there how are you the homework of maths was very difficult. I think that the consentidos subject. But the one of the honestly was a little bit difficult. I will ask my parents if they like that subjectexternal image 1.jpgexternal image alcohol.jpg
Estos avisos muestra una pequeña botellita de alchohol o inclusive un vasito asi de pequeño hay tantos quimicos que pueden hacer muchisimo daño porque vienen de la fermentacion y pueden crear fin del nucleo yo pienso que no deberian seguir vendiendo cosas como estas y publicarlas de manera tan deliderada ademas los vendedores deben tener mas cuidado con respecto a lo que venden.

Bulling setion: Today we study the three types of bulling Phisic the one of kick and heat, verbal of telling bad words and ugly nicknames to the others, and finally social when you dont see, talk or know the persoin that you have in front. Mr Ruben give us the homework of look for an artcle of bulling around the world.

13 of may thursday,2010
Reasons of how a person can be a bully:
1.) For be more popular with the others.
2.) They bully the others because it can be he or she was bullied on the past.
3.) Because they dont feel well with themselves.
4.) Because he or she is a girl or a boy with many troubles.
5.) Because the bullied person can have physic differences.

Five reasons why a person can be bullied.
1.) Because He or she have different ideas.
2.) Because he or she come from another place.
3.) Because he or she has a different way to be.
4.) Because the bullied peron can have differences in a physic way.
5.) Because the bully maybe dont like different people of different countries.

24 may monday 2010
Today Mr Ruben choose us a group. With the articles we bring we in group need to choose one and present it to all the class. We have to be three and the possesions were presenter, reeder and writer. I was with Silvi and Felieps. We choose my article that it was very short. We learn so much more about bulling and bullies. Sometimes if you dont say what are you feeling you can explode in the inside and your reaction it can be very violent so dont wait and tell the bully how are you feeling to dont explode.